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"Me and Lin developed a great working relationship quick which allowed me to talk about stuff I usually wouldn’t early on. Each session was great and really opened up my eyes with how early experiences in life can truly impact the way you are now." (Client Testimonial)

I am a UKCP registered trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist in my fifth and final year at Metanoia Institute, with over seven years of experience supporting people in various educational and voluntary settings working with individuals and groups. 

Benefits of Therapy


  • Space for you to explore difficulties in your life in a safe way

  • Overcome past traumas, difficulties with relationships to live more in the present

  • Be more empowered to make better choices for your future self


Starting therapy can be a challenging process for many people as it involves talking about uncomfortable truths, therefore I understand the importance of finding someone well suited to you. I offer a free initial session to discuss if I am the right choice for you and I'm happy to offer support to find potential alternative options. 


I am trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy, which emphasises the creative, dynamic, relational and experimental. To find out more please click here

Structure and Fees

I offer low-cost weekly therapy at £30 structured into short term (10 - 20 weeks) or open-ended sessions. I work face-to-face in Southville at the Practice Rooms. 

Online video and telephone sessions are offered at this time

Gold Fabric

'The Paradox of the human spirit is that I am not fully myself till I am recognized in my uniqueness by another - we are inextricably intertwined" Hycner & Jacobs (2008:9)


“Before having Lin as a therapist I was really sceptical weather if therapy was a method that would truly improve my wellbeing (mainly anxiety and depression).

I had been recommended it by friends who have been through the process before and ignored them but after my course leader at uni recommended it I thought it was time to give it a try. Having Lin as a therapist was a fantastic experience.

I’m really glad I went through therapy, especially with Lin, to the point I’m now one of the people recommending it to others.

I felt Lin was a fantastic listener and truly understood my thoughts and feelings and helped me with changing them for the better. Even though most of it was during isolation it was still a great experience and I believe Lin adapted too the situation very well”


Free Initial Consultation

50 mins


call/text: 07503-525-633


Location: Southville Practice Rooms


The Practice Rooms: 226 North Street, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1JD


Tel: 07503-525-633

Fees: £30 per session