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Hi, I’m Lin, a Gestalt therapist working in Bristol. I create a safe and confidential space for you to explore difficulties in your life. Working with me may help you:

  • Feel more resourced and supported in your day to day life

  • Overcome past traumas and events that hold you back

  • Make positive changes to your lifestyle

  • Gain new insight into addictive or destructive cycles and patterns


I’m registered with the UKCP and am in my fifth and final year of Gestalt Psychotherapy training at Metanoia Institute.

Starting therapy is a courageous act and can be a challenging process for many people, as it may involve talking about uncomfortable truths. Gestalt therapy is a warm, kind and challenging approach that emphasises the creative, and experimental.

"Me and Lin developed a great working relationship quickly, which allowed me to talk about things I usually wouldn’t have early on. Each session was great." (Client Testimonial)


I offer an initial meeting, free of charge, to discuss what you want to work on. It is also an opportunity for us to see if we want to continue. 

My fees for the following sessions are £35 per session (50mins). I work face-to-face at the Practice Rooms in Southville and also offer remote sessions via phone or zoom

Gold Fabric

'The Paradox of the human spirit is that I am not fully myself till I am recognized in my uniqueness by another - we are inextricably intertwined" Hycner & Jacobs


Free Initial Consultation

50 mins


call/text: 07503-525-633


Location: Southville Practice Rooms