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Hi, I’m Lin, a Gestalt therapist working in Bristol. I create a safe and confidential space for you to explore difficulties in your life. Working with me may help you:

  • Feel more resourced and supported in your day to day life

  • Overcome past traumas and events that hold you back

  • Make positive changes to your lifestyle

  • Gain new insight into addictive or destructive cycles and patterns


I’m registered with the UKCP and I have finished my fifth and final year of Gestalt Psychotherapy training at Metanoia Institute. I have passed all my exams and I'm in the process of accreditation imminently. 

Starting therapy is a courageous act and can be a challenging process for many people, as it may involve talking about uncomfortable truths. Gestalt therapy is a warm, kind and challenging approach that emphasises the creative, and experimental.


I offer an initial meeting, at a reduced cost of £20, to discuss what you want to work on. It is also an opportunity for us to see if we want to continue. 

My fees for the following sessions are £45 per session (50mins). I work face-to-face at the Practice Rooms in Southville and also offer remote sessions via phone or zoom

Gold Fabric

'The Paradox of the human spirit is that I am not fully myself till I am recognized in my uniqueness by another - we are inextricably intertwined" Hycner & Jacobs


(reduced-cost) Initial Consultation

£20 for 50 mins
call/text: 07503-525-633
Location: Southville & Queens Square 
(Please click link to exact location)