My Journey

I believe that we are all trying to do the best that we can in the situation that we are in. My personal journey started at University where I had significant struggles with my own mental health. Through a combination of self-help, therapy, services and meditation I overcame my difficulties and developed a strong curiosity in my own psyche and that of others. I followed that by working with people who had support needs. 

The experience that I gained was invaluable and taught me the uniqueness of every individual and shared themes like belonging, self-worth and safety. As my career progressed in Education and Voluntary sector, I didn't want to become a service manager and lose touch with helping people directly. Therefore I chose for my own self-development to become a therapist. 

I chose to train in Gestalt Psychotherapy because of its holistic elements that bring together body, mind and spirit in the context of the situation with the complex relationships that are present. It has helped me be myself in this ever-challenging modern world.

My Influences

In addition to my Gestalt Training, there are also lot of other important influences in my life. I am a painter who works primarily with acrylics on canvas ranging from abstract to figurative work. I also love music and dance. For me, Gestalt Therapy is an approach that encourages creative conversations and trying out new ways of being. I'm also very open to working with any creative material that people bring.

From my experience of working in organisations and running groups and projects with people, I have gained a real appreciation for psychological research. In particular, neuroscience, positive psychology, and trauma. I also have experience working with autism spectrum. 


For my own wellbeing practice, I attend Chi Gong classes which also keeps me linked to my Chinese cultural heritage of Daoist and Buddhist philosophy. I have also practised meditation for many years and facilitate mindfulness groups and training. 

Being connected to nature and animals has always been a feature in my life, I enjoy the coastal path, mountains and woods. I also find awe and wonder in natural landscapes and spiritual practices. 

My experience and Practice

I have worked as a counsellor in the education sector for over three years. Before that, I coordinated projects in the voluntary sector for targetted groups of vulnerable people (unpaid carers, special educational needs, care leavers etc.). During my career, I have been employed to promote Resilience, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Meditation. I integrate these aspects in my work as a therapist to support an individual from surviving to fully thriving. Below is a list of common issues that I have worked with:

  • Mental Health Diagnoses 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Disability

  • Relationship difficulties 

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Body Image

  • Gender Identity

  • Sexuality

  • Addiction

  • Caring Responsibilities 

  • Isolation/ loneliness

  • Disability

  • Personal Development

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Young People

  • Bereavement

  • Eating Disorder

  • Climate Crisis

  • Abuse current and historical

My Education and Certifications

  • The University of Southampton, Law (LLB) Hons (2011)

  • The University of West England, Counselling Skills Certificate (2016)

  • Metanoia Institute (Middlesex Uni) Gestalt Psychotherapy (ongoing - 2021)